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Best summary!

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They aren’t apes πŸ˜‘
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They aren’t apes πŸ˜‘

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Cold War In A Coffee Shop


Natasha couldn’t remember the last time freshly brewed coffee smelled good to her. After she started working at the coffee shop, she breathed coffee fumes, spilled half-and-half until her hands were sticky, and snapped thousands of covers on coffee cups on a daily basis; meanwhile, she was making wages that not even a five-year-old would find sufficient for buying a candy bar.

Clint, her co-worker and the only friend she had made in this crud-hole called a four-year university, smirked at her as she crinkled her nose at the dark liquid pooling at the bottom of the coffee pot. He knew how loathsome coffee had become to Natasha, but there was no way she was going to make it through the morning haul without at least a few sips of the stuff. Clint and Natasha, synchronized as they were in action and thought, still could barely handle the grumbles, growls, and yells coming from caffeine-starved morning customers. At the moment, however, they had just opened the place and the sun had not yet climbed high enough over the horizon for anyone to be walking in. A few minutes of precious peace…

Which was broken the moment that a six-foot man with dirty blond hair that flopped across the top of his head came jogging inside, causing the little golden bell at the top of the door to jingle. He was dressed in a way-too-tight light grey shirt that had a triangle of sweat from the neck down, along with navy blue sweatpants and a pair of dirty white sneakers. His eyes locked with Natasha’s, and Natasha noted with indifference that they were a very bright blue that most girls would probably swoon over. A clattering sound of something Clint dropped caused Natasha to turn around and see Clint with an excited glint in his eyes. He murmured a quick β€œI got him” to Natasha, but just as he was sliding past her to reach the cash register, their boss called him from their stock room.

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Is it just me… when i read “how you doin” in my mind i hear joey saying it… πŸ˜‹

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We’ve watched the Nightmare Before Christmas 4 times already today.


I am so NOT complaining. It could be worse.Β 

It could be Frozen again.

Frozen on repeat mode is hell!! I know!

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gosh can we talk about how fucking adorable they are together


I like how comfortable they are touching each other. In the 4th gif, chris is clearly worried for scarlett (reaching out to grab her) as she falters on the steps when the prop closes. #goodfriends #gentleman

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"The person who developed this is slightly smarter than me… slightly."

12% smarter?! 😈

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Well … my first thoughts are tickle tickle… chris’s ribs sure are sensitive!? πŸ˜›

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Ahh… the awfulness!!

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He seems tanner here.. maybe a spray on tan?

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